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Fashion Photography Tips

Incorporate Movement- Show what it’s like to move in the clothes, to live in the clothes. There is nothing more beautiful than a flowing dress or swaying fringe to give movement and life to an image.

Tell the Story- With fashion photography I like to make sure that I get wide shots, which give a feeling of the environment, a mid range shot which shows the clothes in motion and highlights the outfit and then a very close detail shot which really helps bring the viewer in and feel like they are in that moment.

Rule of Thirds/Composition- This is a great trick for all photography and I think it helps give photos a more commercial feel. The rule of thirds states that your image is divided up into 9 squares and you want to place your subject either on one of those lines or where the lines intersect! If you want to learn more about that, you can read about it here

Get the Details- It’s ALL in the details. In fashion photography, you have got to show the details of an outfit. This is how you really showcase an outfit, show off the quality and highlight what is special about those pieces.

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