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Where to Eat, Drink + Snack in Kentfield

My husband and I recently made the move from bustling city life in San Francisco to the peacefulness of the suburbs. I was so ready for a change and the suburban lifestyle has been the perfect change of pace for me.

That being said, it’s always a little tricky moving to a new place and finding your “spots”. It took me a couple of months, but after a little exploring, I finally feel like I’ve found my go-to spots in Kentfield and Larkspur to eat, drink and snack.

1. Rustic Bakery- I absolutely love this place. There are a few different locations which is great when you’re on the go. I love the Larkspur location in Marin Country Mart. It’s the perfect little place to get coffee and lunch, plus it’s surrounded by chic shopping and home decor shops. Delicious salads (the spring salad is a personal favorite), sandwiches and pastries are their specialties.

2. Guest House- The newest restaurant in Kentfield, this feels like a little piece of San Francisco in Marin. Chic decor, craft cocktails and an elevated menu makes this a perfect place for a date night or girls night out. It’s usually pretty booked up, so make a reservation or walk in and just plan to have a drink or two at the bar.

3. Equator Coffee- An adorable little coffee shop next to a pilates studio (perfect for a morning work out) and outdoor tables which is lovely during the summer! I love Equator because their coffee is so tasty, their snacks are high quality and they offer oat milk- my favorite!

4. Farm House Local- This is the perfect Marin brunch spot. Charming and cozy, Farm House Local offers elevated options while still being totally family friendly. Their artisanal menu feels very farm to table while still being a casual, easy spot to pop into.

I'm loving discovering my new neighborhood, more to come!

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