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Work Your Systems

I was recently listening to an Amy Porterfield podcast and she gave a piece of advice that just finally clicked with me, so I wanted to share.

She said- Work your systems, not your goals.

Boom. Gamechanger.

We all set goals for ourselves. We all make the to do lists or the vision boards, or whatever. But then those goals start to feel lofty and far away. There’s no real plan of how to get there, just the dream of one day being there.

I fall victim to this all the time. I think of a goal, I even think of some of the steps I need to get there, but then I get overwhelmed or intimidated and freeze up before I make any moves.

But if we break it down into bite sized steps and if we set our sights on the systems that get us to those goals, the goals take care of themselves.

So if your goal is to start a business, let’s say your system is building your brand and reaching out to potential clients. Break it down even further- your system to build your brand is to be consistent on social media. So your system every day is posting + engaging online.

Let’s say your system to reach out to potential clients is email marketing, so once a week you’re emailing potential clients to check in + provide value for them.

Forget the goal and focus on the action.

Rather than just constantly telling yourself “I want to start my business” and then getting overwhelmed by the prospect of all that goes into that, focus on what’s immediately in front of you.

If you are consistent with working your systems, the goals take care of themselves.

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