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Why Photography Matters for Your Business

We all know the saying- content is king. And as frustrating as it can be to be constantly coming up with new content all of the time, it's true that fresh + authentic images are so so SO important to anyone running a business.

And here's why...

It sells your product or service.

If you are selling ANYTHING- photos are KEY to show your product and/or service. We live in an increasingly online world and people want to be able to see your product as clearly as possible. Video on my product photography tips here.

So, this is all pretty obvious with tangible products, but how does this apply if you are a service based business?

Enter lifestyle headshots + behind the scenes photos. This is SO important for business owners. Clients feel more comfortable working with you if they feel like they know what they are getting. How anxious do you feel when you are walking into someone's office for the first time with no information about the dress code or work culture?? It’s the same for your clients.

It’s comforting for your clients to know what you look like (super awkward showing up to a photo shoot and not knowing who the photographer is!!), and also how you are going to dress at a photo shoot. Clients want to know if you are going to look professional and bonus points if your personal style fits with their vibe.

Post photos of yourself working + behind the scenes so potential clients know what to expect and want to be a part of your work party.

Photos build your brand

We live in a visual world- everything that you put out on social media represents your brand. And it takes time to build a brand, so every piece that you publish is important. This is how your audience begins to recognize you and resonate with your message. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Some business owners choose to use stock photos- and believe me, I definitely see the value in stock photos for saving time- however, stock photos are not unique. I have seen two small business owners post the same photo and it just made me realize- oh that’s not special to their business. It was just kind of awkward.

Customers want to get to know YOU and authenticity radiates through social media. It takes more time and more money, but it’s oh so important. This is your opportunity to stand out! Don’t get lost in the mix and look like everyone else.

It looks professional

The moment your audience sees your post, they are immediately making judgements and decisions about your brand. Low quality images = low quality brand in the mind of your potential customers. Sometimes photos have an element of fake it til you make it, but that’s ok.

Put out what you want your brand to be perceived as, even if you’re not quite there yet. This is the perfect opportunity to show what you are all about and start to tell your brand story.


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