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Work From Home Outfits

Working from home can sound glamorous and amazing- most people think you're just making your own schedule and having lunch at the beach every day.

The reality is it can often mean showering at 5pm, just in time before your hubs gets home, or working in your pj's or leggings, oversized sweatshirts and messy buns all day.

Here are a few comfy and cute outfits that I hope will help save you from the work from home uniform of faded sweats and tees.

1. Leather leggings

An easy way to still be wearing leggings, but actually looking chic! Super comfy with a sweater or layered with a duster cardigan.

2. Poncho

Still so cozy but looks pulled together + intentional. Pair with leggings, leather leggings or even some boyfriend jeans and mules!

3. Jumpsuit

I LOVE a good jumpsuit. This one is perfect for me because it cinches at the waist to give some shape but other than that it's pretty loose and comfortable. Love the jogger style pants too!

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